Bellvue2bigBelieve it or not, today was the first day I have been back at a worship service since my surgery. Things went great for a while then we all stood to sing a number of wonderful hymns in a very worshipful attitude. I was singing my heart out. (Delaine my wife, wants me to “blend” a bit more”) But I was really getting into it. Then I started noticing that my diaphragm was hurting and I was running out of breath. Finally a bit of dizziness started to develop and before I knew it, I had to sit down. I got my second wind and just continued to sing from the seated position. I felt kind of wimpish but I was worshiping God and not trying to please men anyway.

After a great sermon by Pastor Steve on revival as experienced by the Jews in Exodus 33, he began to give his invitation. I told Delaine I was going to go forward to counsel those who were coming to make decisions. Deacons have that responsibility in our Church. Our schedule as Deacons is three years on, one year off. Well I am coming back on this year so I have not been deaconing yet this year. The Lord blessed me with an easy couple who had already professed Christ, already been baptized by immersion and already joined Sunday School and just wanted to join the Church. We had a sweet time of hearing testimony. About half way through I had to tell the wife I was working with (another Deacon was working with the husband) what was wrong with my neck because I know she was curious about it. She said she would pray for me, much appreciated.

WaffleFinally Delaine and I went to the Waffle House for some breakfast (you know you can eat breakfast anytime of day don’t you?) That was good  but my shoulders and arms were really hurting by that time. So I was ready to get home and relax.

I had wanted to visit a Sunday School class this morning but I slept too late. Probably a good thing because I don’t think I could have made the four hours total from Sunday School to Sunday Afternoon Lunch.


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