Listen to the podcast: Hebrews 13, April 10, 2005

I can't believe it but on April 3, 2005, I forgot to bring my recorder for the last lesson of this Hebrews series on chapter 13. Arrgh! That really put me in a state of mild depression. I was having some health problems and my energy levels were already low so I just could not bring myself to do the lesson over for my dog at home (I've done that before when I forgot to bring the recorder; my dog is very attentive :-). Also, it did not seem appropriate to ask my Sunday school class to hear the lesson again. Anyway, it turns out that I did not have enough time to finish the chapter anyway. I had skipped the benediction at the end of the book. So, this is a reprise using the writer's benediction as an outline for the last lesson of this series. Actually I am pretty pleased with the way things turned out, because I think God perhaps knew we needed examine this benediction. 

Anyway, here's the bottom line:

  • Put Christ First,
  • Value Him more than anything.
  • Be much occupied with reminding each other of that.


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