DSC_0967This was a very delightful dinner we had on Christmas Eve. We had all the traditional items: ham, turkey, green bean casserole (yum) sweet potatoes (double yum) and cranberries (smack my lips). The decorations were beautiful (notice the white porcelain creche).

Of course we prayed before dinner and I got a little emotional about all that he has done for us while we seem to just cast the value aside without demonstrating the incredible love and sacrifice that went to achieve successes

I was not very comfortable in my chair since no straight chair is that easy to sit in at this point. Because of the lack of support for the muscles. of my neck shoulders and back. You just don’t know how much you depend on them until they hurt to use. As a matter of fact, I was thinking that my shoulders were getting much better until this moment. I think they just get tired. The prayer, eating, picture taking and conversation were just enough to wear it out. God’s good timing for when you need the rest.


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